How do I close my account?

Well that's a shame - we hate to see you leave. But your needs change. We get that. No harsh feelings. Canceling your account is very easy. All you need to do to cancel your account is login to your account, and select the "Account" main menu item. Scroll all

Bulk Check Upload

You've got lots of checks. Tons of them. And you've already entered the data into some other program. But you want Checkeeper to fulfill them for you. Because, after all, who really wants to lick all those envelopes? We've got just the option for you! If you can get that

Template Elements to Simplify Your Life

There's a lot of different Template Elements you can use to customize your check template to your exact needs. I've listed them below with what they're used for. Payee The Payee element matches what you entered in the Payee field while creating a check. Amount This is the numeric amount

New Action Menu

Hurray a blog! Hurray a new feature! We figured at the very least we could set up this sweet new blog and quickly demonstrate some of the check writing features that we have been (and will be adding) to Checkeeper. Bulk check fulfillment feature You can now select multiple checks